Facebuzzed Vol. 28 – Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Facebuzzed Vol. 28 – Mike’s Hard Lemonade

This week on Facebuzzed we visit the always too sweet, headache-inducing Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which asked you an important question:

mike's hard lemonade - kitties

MY MONEY’S ON THE POP TART CAT SHITTING A RAINBOW (and if you picked that too, we’re probably friends)

Mike’s Hard asked you this as part of a larger poll of their customers for their newest (and certified grossest flavor): Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry. Nearly three-quarters of their fans said they’d drink it anywhere. I was more interested in the second most popular answer:

mike's hard lemonade - poll


mike's hard - matt foley

If I was 35-years-old, divorced and knew my life wasn’t going to amount to jack squat I’d drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade every day, too.

But the people at Mike’s Hard weren’t so negative. They asked drinkers the best thing that ever happened to them when they had a bottle in their hand. I think a couple people have weird interpretations of “best thing.”
mike's hard combo status
The rest of America calls it “hating your job” but we’ll believe your story, Lidia.
Then I saw someone who had Lidia’s story beat by a mile.
mike's hard - mike hard
Aw forget about that biatch, Mike Hard. There’s someone out there better for you. And Mike’s Hard insists you meet her:
Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 10.44.28 PM
That’s not a stick figure. That’s a delirous Mike Hard after she ripped off his flesh with her canines