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Jon Yeager – Puns, Tweets, and Baltimorian

Jon Yeager – Puns, Tweets, and Baltimorian
Jon Yeager DMV Comedian and LYGO Member

Jon Yeager

Jon Yeager is originally from Baltimore, “but please, don’t hold that against me.” He currently resides in Reston, VA because of the “bevy of Applebee’s and other casual dining restaurants, as well as a land not intimidated by modern plumbing or modern fashion.”

Yeager’s blend of comedy includes satire, whip-smart topical humor, rapid fire one-liners, self-deprecation, wordplay, and, of course, interpretive dance.

Example: “My girlfriend and I have a relationship similar to the movie Gremlins. She won’t let me eat after midnight, and I can’t get her wet.”

Yeager (no one calls him Jon unless he is in a courtroom) is a fixture at mics in the DMV and has performed several times in New York City. He has opened or featured for Justin Schlegel, Todd Rexx, Atif Meyers, Mickey Cucchiella, Seaton Smith, Adam Dodd and the Jokeslingers Tour, Rob Maher, Mike Finazzo, Kelly Collette, Jared Stern, and Daylon Morrison, just to name a few. He also once smelled Steve Martin and made Woody Allen laugh.

Yeager also hosts and books several showcases in Virginia, including Fast Eddie’s in Centreville and Rhodeside Grill in Arlington.

Jon is an active contributor to the LYGO team with his weekly compilation of This Week In Tweets (T.W.I.T.). His Twitter musings can be found with the incredibly creative handle @Jon_Yeager.

We got our first shot of Yeager on April 24th, when he appeared in our Comedy at Codmother show.