Facebuzzed Vol. 25 – Seagram’s Gin

Facebuzzed Vol. 25 – Seagram’s Gin

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Seagram’s Gin, which encouraged you to hold onto those gift receipts because a bad holiday gift could be spun into boozy gold later:

seagram's gin holiday ad

This will backfire when you try to exchange your daughter’s handmade Christmas card for some gin.

Seagram’s also tried to inspire its fans to drink more with inspirational quotes from stately people:
seagram's gin writing ad
Yes Weezy, better known as Lil’ Wayne, holds himself up to some pretty high standards. Every song must be of baseball stadium caliber. By the way, here’s a lyric sample of what Lil’ Wayne is proud to hear broadcast in between innings:
Lil' Wayne lyrics
kids in stands

You’ll be lucky if the only thing your child repeats leaving that stadium is “Jerp Jerp.”

It wasn’t all inspirational quotes. Seagram’s Gin could get serious when it wanted to. And when the plains of Oklahoma took a savage beating from tornadoes this spring, Seagram’s was there to offer its support:
seagram's gin well wishes
Many alcohol companies did this on their page but it’s still nonetheless touching. However, in Seagram’s case it was even more touching considering its rather rapey stance it took only one month earlier:
seagram's gin ask a lady out
No one ever says no…to chloroform.