T.W.I.T. – DOMA ask, DOMA tell

T.W.I.T. – DOMA ask, DOMA tell

Inspired by the DOMA decision, and likely, hallucinogenic substances, here are LYGO’s best tweets of the week!



Sampson @OfficialSampson


These crazy ass ministers, mad about gay folks getting married! Why do you care? We ain’t inviting you to the fuckin’ weddings anyway! #noh8



Katherine Timpf @kctimpf

If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they were always yours. Except for while they were banging all those other people.


Michael Larrick @MichaelLarrick

i need a haircut but for my life.


Atif Myers @atifmyers

Becoming a comedian was the best decision I have ever made. Unless you mean financially,then it is single handedly the worst move I’ve made.


DAY-vid TWY-tee @killtveite

Somewhere in the south, a weeping man with a handlebar mustache insists that it’s the Eve Miller Band, not the Steve Miller Band.


Mjolnir @EnglishmanChris

Imagine if twitter was just a room of people just shouting their tweets with everyone else either shouting them again or giving thumbs up.


Natalie Patricia @nataliesurely

i prefer the term Omega 3 CURVY acids


Mariya Alexander @MariyaAlexander 

“You are worth your weight in gold” is a pretty bitchy thing to say to an anorexic.


Michael J. Foody @MichaelJFoody

At the time it seemed inappropriate to point out but let’s get real: JonBenet Ramsey had the most annoying name.


Richard Game@blahmed 

I’m gay marrying all sorts of gays now!