The Freedom of a Motorcyclist

The Freedom of a Motorcyclist

The freedom of being a motorcyclist¬†is great! No doors, no roof, bumpers, or airbags. Who said freedom was safe? Give me freedom or give me death! I just saw that on someone’s tag. Not a fan, but it does sound good… Sacrifices have to made to for fun! Who wants to be safe all the time?!?! There‚Äôs no fun in safety; well there is an ‘F’ I think, but spelling has never been my best subject.

The helmet law has been met with some resistance by hardcore motorcyclists. Not every state has a helmet law.¬†¬†It should be my right to wear or not to wear a helmet! If I want my brains splattered all over the beltway during morning rush hour on a Tuesday, that should be my choice! The government is not the boss of me! Well ok, a lil… Some guys wear novelty helmets just to prove a point. I‚Äôm not a fan of helmets, but they can be cool when they save your life.

Freedom comes at a cost, at any given time your head could be severed! Sounds like fun, huh motorcyclists? No one really thinks about that while they ride. Their thoughts are of freedom, being a rebel, and how many chicks like motorcycles! I like comparing it to riding a horse bareback. Who needs a saddle? The freedom of being one with the horse! On it, not inside; that would be wrong, to most men.

Motorcyclist gone awry

Man and machine and the love of riding into the sunset… And then you join a biker gang. They give you a leather vest, with really cool patches. You‚Äôre the coolest now. Freedom is more fun with patches. And then you go on a crime spree with all your new motorcycle buddies with their leather vests and cool patches. A high speed chase happens after you guys knock over a liquor store, that was going to be the last one; they promised! Freedom will feel so good in 5 to 8 years!

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  • James D says:

    I don’t ride nothing bareback…lol! Give me the helmet! !