Facebuzzed Vol. 22 – Bud Light!

Facebuzzed Vol. 22 – Bud Light!

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Bud Light, whose loyal imbibers could stand to get some lessons in romance:

Bud Light. Says the 14,000+ people who got zero ass with this poem.

Says the 14,000+ people who got zero ass with this poem.


Keeping in the vein of people who are going to get zero ass…may I present one example of the people who commented on this post:


bud light - ladies doublesII

To be fair he has a point but I’m guessing he’s no stranger to suggesting a romantic six-pack dinner either

Finally, Bud Light let us know that its beer is enjoyed by all creatures human AND fuzzy:

bud light - beer season

I ¬†(unfortunately) read through all 241 comments on the thread for this picture and not a single one of them commented on an obvious problem: BEARS DON’T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS, THEREFORE THEY CANNOT GRIP THE BOTTLE AS SUCH.
Sure, they can grab you by the neck and swing you like a rag doll with their palms, but they can’t enjoy a bottleneck beer. Unless it’s Smokey the Bear, which in that case you are super fucked. ¬†A drunk bear with opposable thumbs AND a hot metal shovel to throw at you like a spear?
bud light - smokeyfinal