Fuck Plan B!!!!

Fuck Plan B!!!!

Fuck Plan B! Most of us grow up being told that we should have a plan B. If we have a plan B, why would we ever work hard in life to accomplish our goals? If you don‚Äôt have any objectives to get to your goals, get you some!! Let me continue. All you need is Plan A! Fuck plan B! I‚Äôd always look for that safety net If I had plan B! Who likes being safe all the time!?!? There’s no fun in being safe! Condoms are safe, but no fun…

Live a lil crazy and danger sometimes! I‚Äôve ridden a motorcycle on public roads at speeds over 150 mph! Sometimes it feels good to just not give a fuck! The rush you get at those speeds is incredible! It‚Äôs kind of like that first blow job when the girl swallows and you didn’t expected it! Maybe not that good, but, fellows you get my meaning.

And ladies, I didn‚Äôt forget about ya‚Äôll! It‚Äôs like how good you feel when you swallow that first load from that guy you really love? Not those no good guys that treat you like crap! The guy that you really love that treats you like crap! I guess I could’ve likened it to a roller coaster ride; but anyway.

The crazy look on people‚Äôs face when you pass them in their cars at those speeds is unforgettable! I know what you‚Äôre thinking; how can he see that lady breast feeding, talking on her cell, driving with her knees on the beltway (true story)? I Didn‚Äôt see this myself, a lil bird told me riding slower. ( a lesser experience rider at 100 MPH. Rookie!) I‚Äôd be ridiculously irresponsible to try and look anywhere but straight ahead at those speeds! That would be crazy! Ok it was me…

Fuck plan B! That‚Äôs that grind shit! That hard core shit! Everybody ain‚Äôt built for that shit! And eating off the McDonald’s dollar menu; I‚Äôm not built for that shit either, but that‚Äôs all I would be able to afford with no plan B! Maybe I should reconsider…. ¬†All I‚Äôm trying to say is go after your dreams, set goals, be somebody and don’t look back! And maybe that $5 foot long from Subway maybe a better choice while I’m broke?!?! Fuck plan B and Heart disease!

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