Weird Events in Sports – Nascar Edition: Parker Kligerman

Weird Events in Sports – Nascar Edition: Parker Kligerman

Most of these post have been about sports I love, however this post is about a sport that I put on the same level as professional lacrosse or the WNBA. The sport is NASCAR.

I believe skill, practice, and determination go into most sports except for NASCAR and track. Let me explain. Everybody has the potential to be a great runner in their lives but lets face it, me being a 215 5’11 fat white kid is never going to beat a 6’5¬† 180 Brazilian runner.

NASCAR pisses me off because it’s a circle which is like one aspect of your Driver’s Ed course. And, basically, to get really good at NASCAR you need a good crew and have the balls to go fast. I believe the engineers developing the cars deserve the majority of the credit and I would honestly rather watch a show on how NASCAR cars are built and the new innovations.

Nascar Daytona Feature Crash

This is what the Editor finds fun to watch about Nascar.

WTF does any of this last info have to do with anything? Well, this week something weird happened in NASCAR. Parker Kligerman is a NASCAR driver, who, the hell if I know if he is good or not, and quite frankly I don’t really care. Anyway, he drove a lap with his jack still under his car.

If you don’t know, a jack is the tool that lifts the side of the car off the ground so that new tires can be installed. Well now you KNOW! (Bill Nye shout out, you remember middle school substitute day in science class). I could not find video of this but apparently the driver took out one of his pit crew members with the jack handle. [Editor’s note: Here ya go buddy…]

Now I know I know, awwwwwww that’s not funny is he ok. Well I don’t know that answer and yes it’s hilarious. Anyway long story short is he drove around and then the thing flew off and hit another driver which sent the car flipping into the crowd which set off a chain reaction of carnage and bloodshed. Man someone should turn that in to a final Destination movie that would be sick. Actually nothing happened, they had to restart from the warning which he was placed in last since he was the problem and he finished the race in 11th place.