Fried Chicken Is Delicious!! (part 2)

Fried Chicken Is Delicious!! (part 2)

Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are beefing! What the fuck! (Wtf) let me repeat, because I don’t even believe I just wrote that! Two rich ass golfers; Eldrick Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are beefing like rappers! ¬†I hope no one gets shot or hit with any golf clubs. I’m sure Tiger may get a flashback to the indecent with his wife swinging that club at him. Just the thought makes me giggle like a lil school girl. That’s what he get for messing with them white women! Ha!

The media always stokes the fire! Remember Tupac and Biggie? Not truly sure of the back story, but Sergio was asked by a reporter, “would you have Tiger over for dinner?” His reply, “sure and we’ll have fried chicken!” Open mouth insert foot, twice! This muthafucka can’t even be original! Didn’t Fuzzy Zoeller say this same shit years ago?!?!? Well Fuzzy added collard Greens, which adds another food group for a more balanced meal. The nerve of some people! I love fried chicken! I don’t want to have to hide my love because some stupid golfers thinks it’s funny that black people enjoy chicken fried. It’s delicious!!!

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The last time I was Popeye’s I didn’t see one black person, I was the only one. I didn’t count but, there a were a few white folks, a couple of latinos, an asian family, and some middle eastern folks. They were enjoying every bite! Yummy!!!

Fried is the most popular and delicious way to prepare chicken! Did he forget Tiger’s Mom is Asian? Maybe Fried chicken and fried rice would have been funnier? How did this become an insult? If I remember correctly KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken for you old heads) was the first to being fried chicken to the masses! Colonel Sanders, a white southern man who traveled the south with his herbs and spices. I forget the number, 6 or 7; who cares it’s finger licking good! I prefer popeye’s! Love that chicken! Shit! Who don’t?!?!

After doing some very extensive research; aka Googling! I’ve found that fried chicken was brought to the states by Scottish immigrants. The slaves just added their flava. Would lie?!?!? Maybe, because anybody can change Wikipedia, but for the sake of this it’s all true! Thanks Wiki!  Sergio and Fuzzy should’ve googled Fried chicken before made those dumbass statements! Scotland is the birthplace of golf as well! Fried Chicken and golf, who knew a great food and wonderful sport have so much in common! Scotland is like a Africa with more white people!

[Note: This is the link for Elton’s first post mentioning fried chicken.]


  • Val says:

    I don’t know why people want to act like only black people eat fried chicken. It’s just another stupid stereotype! I’m starting an Instagram campaign where I’m going to photograph non blacks enjoying fried chicken. Finger licking & pinkies up pics of ever race eating fried chicken!! Ha!

  • Tweez says:

    Yea Val,

    That is a good idea, I may have to assist you in your “Chicken Lovers”Campaign. I too have been places and have seen other races banging that bird out…aka fucking up that chicken, they were truly dispelling that only blacks each fried chicken. My friends and I were the only patrons who weren’t melanin deficient.

  • Jasmine says:

    Lol I love fried chicken n I’m only half black lol

  • Jasmine says:

    Now if he would have said chitterlings or hogmoss lmao then that would have really racist but technically true because I think that originated from the slave days since you want to give a history lesson lol

  • James D says:

    Hi…..I’m James and I’m ah chickaholic! LMAO!

  • DEE312 says:

    LOVE that chicken from Popeyes!!!