T.W.I.T. – Arrested Development is back, and so are we!

T.W.I.T. – Arrested Development is back, and so are we!

This weekly compilation of tweets are a never-ending pasta bowl of funny. Arrested Development relaunched, Craig Sager wears loud suits, bullies exist in the digital age, no one likes motorcycle rallies, and Twitter should get the bouncing ball karaoke treatment. Enjoy it, like a frozen banana.


Mariya Alexander ‚Äè@MariyaAlexander

I want to die of natural causes, but like, right now.


Hanley ‚Äè@hanleybadger

“What are you gonna do, tweet about it?!” -modern bully


David Carter ‚Äè@_DavidCarter

When the streets are full of motorcyclists on a beautiful day, I pray for rain. It would be like a courtesy flush from God.


Herbie Gill ‚Äè@herbiegill

The band who made “Tennessee” and “Everyday People” returns today. It has a bunch of new white members, but Geoffrey Tambor is still in it.


David Tveite ‚Äè@killtveite

I’m not racist. A lot of my moods are black.


Not Pee Groove ‚Äè@NonProfitComic

Twitter should add a bouncing ball to tweets to indicate cadence. Cadence is important.


Richard Game ‚Äè@blahmed

How often do you think Olive Garden waiters hear “I want a divorce!”?


Kasaun Wilson ‚Äè@MrKasaunWilson

Craig Sager’s suit is made from Willy Wonka’s thoughts.


Sara Armour ‚Äè@SaraArmour

It’s like, I love comedy, but I love watching TV too.


Natalie Patricia ‏@nataliesurely 

I have a thing for guys with glasses because I think they’re cute and they can’t see me too well during sex.