Facebuzzed Vol. 18 – Admiral Nelson

Facebuzzed Vol. 18 – Admiral Nelson

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Admiral Nelson rum. Yes the people at Admiral Nelson want you to know they’re totally different than that other high ranking ship official who peddles rum. Not to mention there’s a rum called Sailor Jerry. I see a Petty Officer Jenkins’ Malt Liquor in our future if we keep this up.

Since they’re cocky enough to have a name that technically outranks a captain, I shouldn’t be surprised Admiral Nelson thought it was appropriate to put their personal touch on a recent piece of American history:

Admiral Nelson Facebook Ad

Because when I want to celebrate the death of a man who orchestrated one of the nation’s worst mass killings, I want the taste of second-fiddle rum in my mouth.

Admiral Nelson had a variety of reasons for why you should drink their stock. Among them included the following:

  • We didn‚Äôt get raptured
  • It‚Äôs Monday
  • We were already drinking since Wednesday so we might as well keep going

Then I found the reason that was the tipping point:

Admiral Nelson Facebook post. The bright side? You get to have your intervention in a movie theater snack line.

I hope your family stages your intervention in a movie theater snack line.

Drinking rum to celebrate Raisinets. That is a special kind of alcoholism. At least wait until National Twizzler Day so you can use the Twizzlers as straws–and if you didn‚Äôt know you could do that before today then stop reading and try it right now.

Finally, if you’ve read as many of these Facebook pages as I have you’ll see most ad campaigns must have some type of “Don’t drink and drive” message. Given their affinity for the high seas I think Admiral Nelson is missing a prime opportunity to extend that message to boaters:

admiral - tilted ship


I’d say this was about 75 percent rum and 25 percent wind. And by that I mean 100 percent rum.