Weird Events in Sports the Comeback Post: Tim Tebow

Weird Events in Sports the Comeback Post: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow at the ESPYsAfter going some time without posting, I feel like this is an amazing time to bring back weird events in sports with this Tim Tebow. If you have yet to hear the news, Tim Tebow (The savior of the NFL and the Broncos and basically a reincarnation of God himself) will be playing for Toronto.

Wait, Toronto is a NFL team? Actually no, this future Hall of Fame quarterback will be playing for the Toronto Argonauts for the CFL (Canadian Football League).

Now I know I seem bitter or harsh on a guy I don’t even know and that is completely true, however this post was more directed to all the retards that do not actually look at stats and watch football objectively (did you want Tim on your fantasy team) and just go with the wagon. ‘But he is such a nice christian guy for the league and overall a cool bro.’ Awwwww that’s nice and remind me again what that has to do with football exactly?

All that I am saying is Tebow had his prime and then went down hill especially when the third string relieved the starter and not him. Now nobody cares and it is hysterical to me because he was so hyped to be a huge NFL name spreading all this joy like Santa Clause and now he is on the bust list of Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, and soon to be Joe Flaco.


  • Jon Yeager says:

    Flacco has two “C’s” in it, because he just won a championship.