Facebuzzed Vol. 17 – Atlantico Rum

Facebuzzed Vol. 17 – Atlantico Rum

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Atlantico Rum, promoted heavily by Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias who, based on this evidence, might have a drinking problem:

Let’s go in chronological order, shall we?

Iglasias Body Shot



Atlantico Rum Iglasias Drinking During the Show



Atlantico Rum Poured into Iglasias Mouth


Atlantico Rum Iglasias Sweaty Bottle Drink


Atlantico Rum Iglasias Sad Drinking

OK. Now it just looks painful.

And of course that constant consumption of rum leads to good life decisions, such as terrifying the shit out of your dog on a jet ski.

Atlantico Rum Iglasias Jet Ski
The alcoholism of course didn’t just end with Enrique.

Atlantico’s Facebook page often asked you to “Discover your Atlantico.” My guess is they were expecting responses from hot and attractive 20-somethings on a beach. What they got were pregnant women ‚Äúdiscovering Atlantico‚Äù rum on Facebook (and hopefully not before their water broke).

Atlantico Rum Facebook Survey

That woman’s breastmilk is one ingredient off from being a pina colada.