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Desperados Burgers and Bar (Former)

Desperados Burgers and Bar (Former)
Desperados Burgers, DC Comedy Venue for LYGO DC

1342 U St NW
(between N 13th St & N 14th St)
Washington, DC 20009
Neighborhood: U Street Corridor
(202) 299-0443

Desperados Burgers and Bar¬†provides a cozy ‘dive’ atmosphere with truly delicious burgers. Seriously. Because it was about a dozen visits before we actually got around to eating there for some dumb reason and then we did and… we’re hooked.

Performing comedy in “Desperados Burgers and Bar” doesn’t sound glamorous and let’s be honest, it isn’t. But laughter isn’t glamorous either and neither is your favorite “man cave” or “lady den” where you can go, hang out, drink specialty beers (and PBR), and have a laugh with friends echoing off nearby brick walls.

LYGO DC approached Desperados Burgers and Bar specifically because of it’s appeal as an intimate comedy venue. We launched Sunday evenings as a weekly show from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. and it was an immediate hit. Before long, we were invited to double-up our shows and offer a Tuesday show, same time, starting June 18, 2013.

Here’s some of what the Yelp community is saying and we support:

the burgers are awesome. some of the best around the area. bleu burger is great and the cajun burger has a seasoned patty and is very good too. frickles are awesome, i like how they are in chip form. that’s how i like them but i keep getting served these huge spears at other places.


Desperado Burger has some of the best burgers in D.C. I am never disappointed with the food their and their prices are great. For a good cheap meal with a few drinks, I’d def. recommend going there. I probably get food delivered from them every weekend and will go there every once in a while. I am never disappointed.


My waiter gave me phenomenal service with a brilliant smile and personality to match. The food looked great on arrival. It did not disappoint. Fries were lightly seasoned and crispy with some tasty ketchup on the side. The burger was just the right size, cooked superbly, and loaded with beautifully fresh tomato, lettuce, onion, and pickle. I enjoyed myself so much, that I stuck around for a little curbside people watching […]

What more can we say about Desperados Burgers and Bar? Great for comedy and a must-stop-through for food and drink all on its own. LYGO DC is very proud to call this one of our homes.