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CJ Stottuth

CJ Stottuth

CJ Stottuch, Comedian, Cartoon HeadshotCJ Stottuth started his stand-up comedy career in 2009.  A year later he was chosen to compete in the World Series of Comedy 2010 national competition. Since then, he has become a regular at comedy clubs and private events in the Mid-Atlantic area, having the opportunity to work with such comedians as Godfrey, Kyle Kinane, Paul Mecurio, Alonzo Bodden, John Henton, Bobby Slayton and Rob Schneider.

His first performance with LGYO DC took place at Desperados, April 28, 2013, alongside Sampson McCormick and Natalie McGill and thanks to Max Rosenblum.

His brand of comedy reeks of sarcasm while drawing from his real life¬†in-experiences¬† The life of a comedian is not an easy one, but CJ plans on being around for a while…seriously, Asians live for a long time…