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Troy Webb

Troy Webb

Troy Webb, DC Comic Cartoon HeadshotTroy Webb is fast becoming one of the D.C. area’s most noted comic personalities, with numerous appearances at regional comedy clubs, special events and frequent guest spots on local Internet broadcasts. A former Hip-Hop artist who first honed his timing and stage presence in recording studios and on stage, Webb’s path toward comic stardom goes back to his childhood. He grew up idolizing comic legends like Eddie Murphy, Robert Townsend, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence and was even voted class clown his senior year of high school.

When asked what led to an interest in comedy and how he developed his trademark wit, Troy Webb responds, “I was raised in Washington, D.C., and anyone raised in the district knows that telling jokes or ‘joning’ as we used to call it, is a skill you pick up at a young age to defend yourself, because there was always a class clown or a neighborhood comedian looking to get laughs at your expense and if you couldn’t defend yourself and turn the tables, you were done. So learning to make people laugh was almost automatic.”

Even with all the signs there, it was a chance introduction with a working comedian in 2002, that planted the seed and really got Webb thinking about a career in comedy. In 2004, he performed his first stand-up set and hasn’t looked back. Since his comic debut, Webb has toured and performed in comedy clubs theaters all over the country, including the Lincoln Theater and J Spot Comedy Club in Los Angeles.

Webb has also set his sights on acting, landing principal roles in a several independent films and regional commercials. Comedy skits he has appeared in have garnered over 500,000 views on the Internet. Webb is currently performing on both coasts, developing a skit comedy series, and laying the groundwork for a comedy mixtape.