Facebuzzed Vol. 16 – Beck’s Beer

Facebuzzed Vol. 16 – Beck’s Beer

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Beck’s Beer, a German brewed lager. Germans are stereotyped to not be the friendliest of people. Let’s agree that stereotypes are wrong, but that they didn’t help their case when they single handedly ended 57 friendships at once with one post:

becks - friend

This question would’ve gotten zero replies if it were this

The gist of Beck’s Facebook page is that a hard day’s work–and pretty much anything ending in the suffix “-day”–should only be rewarded with an ice cold Beck’s. This message even extends into the virtual world:

becks - mario

There’s going to be more than just beer waiting for him, right? Because he just traveled through¬†eight different worlds, jumped cliffs, fell through raw sewage pipes and battled with a spiked mutant turtle for one girl (who isn’t even in the picture):


becks - marioII


becks - marioIII


becks - marioIV


becks - marioV


But I think my favorite marketing tool of them all is Beck’s insinuation that you’ll be handsomely rewarded with conflict gems for giving your boyfriend a bottle of beer.

becks - diamond


If you give him beer, you’ll get a diamond…just not the diamond you want:

becks - nuts

And if he begins a sentence with “get some of deez” before giving them to you then it’s time to rethink the relationship.