High School Messed Up My Life!

High School Messed Up My Life!

High School messed up my life! Just teach me how to read and do math. The ABC’s and the 123’s! All the stuff in the middle unnecessary! That is all I needed! Its all I use. Why was I forced to do this thing we call high school? I can read! I can count! Well I can‚Äôt spell that well, but I don‚Äôt need to I have a smartphone. It‚Äôs like I always have something magic in my pocket.

Home schooling may have been option, but those home schooled kids are a lil weird. They’re just a little socially inept. They’re not  athletic. I believe some of them may have been breast fed just a lil too long. Maybe not home school.

I look back and think that high school was so unnecessary! It did help with social skills though. I learned how to get along, so I could be left alone. It didn’t work as well as I would’ve liked, because I was picked on alot in high school. Kids are cruel! And puberty is an awkward time in a childs life. Mix that with high school and you have a mess! So much to figure out about life and with your body changing. Some body parts grow too fast and some not fast enough! Hair growing everywhere!

 Kids are cruel! This was before Bobby Brown’s, “Don’t Be Cruel.” “ The truth about a Roni, she’s a sweet little girl!” That Babyface could write a helluva song! anyway. Kids are cruel! Always pointing, laughing, and yell insults at you! Your forehead is so big you play football without a helmet! Or you pop pimples like popcorn! Pop! Pop! Pop! Your lips are so big, you know what we’ll just call you, Lips! Your mama is so fat, she just fat! Kids are cruel and lazy!

I had a class called “leisure activities.” It was filled with dumb jocks and me. We learned activities that we can do at our leisure. We learned things like bowling and how to play horseshoes, or any game you would play at a family picnic. You heard me right, bowling was a class in my high school. You ever got hit in the head with a bowling ball? After waking up before class was over I barely had a headache. I guess they were right, I didn‚Äôt need a helmet! Ouch!

High School messed up my life! I met my first real girlfriend in High School and it was a love hate relationship. Sometimes I loved her and most of the time she hated me. And because I had a job at Popeye’s fried chicken I think she wanted me for my discount! This was before I know want a gold digger was. I‚Äôm not saying she was, but it did seemed a lil suspicious; I‚Äôm just saying. ‚ÄúWho don‚Äôt love that chicken from Popeye‚Äôs?‚Äù

She went and got herself pregnant! High School messed my life up! Babies having babies! So now I have to raise a child as a child; oops the condom broke! It’s a boy and I have to teach him how to be a man. I think I can and I’ll be waiting for that dreaded question; where do babies come from?” And my reply will be; “High School!” Stay away son! A GED will do you just fine! High School Messed my life up! I love you!!!!

By Elton E. Howard Jr

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  • Jasmine says:

    Lmao!!!! That was funny! Hey, u do have some big lips tho lol

  • DDW says:

    _____________ Popeye’s 😉