Facebuzzed Vol. 15 – Bud Light Lime

Facebuzzed Vol. 15 – Bud Light Lime

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Bud Light Lime, which is ramping up its marketing as the summer months approach. Every week they did some play on words, including their own take on a popular phrase from an instant viral video classic:

bud light lime - aint nobody got time for that


The corniness is overwhelming but there is an unanticipated issue: I really would not be surprised if she owned the rights to that phrase now.

bud light lime - trademark


Were the Bud Light Lime ads splashy, bright and catchy? Yes. But Bud Light’s citrus-flavored offspring didn’t seem to realize their marketing creates situations that are incredibly ripe for injury. For example:

bud light lime - amusement park


Ever wonder “Hey why can’t I easily find a beer to swill at this Six Flags?” It’s because they’re not trying to create an amusement park fueled blender in your stomach of Bud Light, cotton candy and hot dogs. ¬†God bless the people below who have yet to behold the windmill of puke that will fall upon them.
Then there was this:
bud light lime - pinata
First of all this shit’s going to hurt real bad. Second, never say “make it rain” unless you have wads of cash (and God help you if you say “make it snow” without being fully stocked on dime bags of crack).
Finally, since we already had the expulsion of one bodily fluid covered earlier, Bud Light Lime decided to cover its bases on another — unintentionally:
bud light lime - yellow brick flow


I want a detour.