The Future of DC Comedy is Bright

The Future of DC Comedy is Bright

We’ve had a ‘history of DC comedy’ post in draft for about 9 months. It never looks finished. Largely unrecognized, DC has a very rich comedy history indeed.

Rory Scovel - DC Comedy Original

“Since leaving DC in the dust for a shot at stardom in New York City…” -Article about Rory Scovel, DC Comedy friend and favorite left for NYC to break out.

Maybe more so, the future of comedy in DC will surprise many people. In the ‘biz’ the DC comedy scene has largely been relegated to that of a feeder for the so-called large markets. NYC and L.A. and, at certain points in history, Boston have been the places to be–to launch someone into the national spotlight.

Others, like San Francisco, Philly, Atlanta, Chicago (huge for improv), and others have semi-feeder status where comics have grown as professionals and then launched quickly upon arriving in the ‘majors.’

This isn’t an accident. It’s a consequence of the marketplace. A robust comedy scene requires starting points (open mics), growers (so-called B & C rooms which provide a professional atmosphere for comics to stretch out and show off), and employers (the big boys like the DC Improv and theaters like the Howard, Warner, Lincoln, and Kennedy Center). In recent memory, DC has had almost exclusively the 1st and 3rd, especially when taking nearby MD and VA locations out of the equation.

LYGO DC is aimed at filling the void. And, as comics ourselves, we can comfortably work toward that goal in a non-competitive fashion. In fact, we welcome an actively support others seeking to meet our goals in the marketplace–we want the goal met, not egos satisfied. One fantastic example of this is the DC Improv’s Friday night lounge series.

We are happy to brag about 3 major successes we’ve realized to date–things we believed and were proven right about:

  1. DC audiences rock. Y’all can be tough to get hold of initially, but you’re a great audience really just looking for an awesome thing to do in DC. We believe this is why so many national headliners choose DC to film their specials. Smart, positive, respectful audiences that, above all, enjoy a good laugh.
  2. Love works. We put others first, including ‘evil’ businesses (venues) and have received the love in return. We tried love before cynicism and it worked.
  3. Hilarious comics, believe that! Time and again we’ve seen how amazingly pro the comics of DC are, even when performing for a duration and crowd they may otherwise be unaccustomed to.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And that pudding comes in short- and long-form.

To see DC Comedy talent in action at one of the fastest growing DC shows now and in-person, click on the calendar on the homepage on a date convenient to you.

Or, wait until you start seeing these cats’ name in the national press. Who? Check out our Performers page. There’s more names to come and in the years to come, we’re confident you’ll be glad to say, “oh yeah, I saw them at a LYGO show before they got famous.”