T.W.I.T. (This Week in Tweets)

T.W.I.T. (This Week in Tweets)

David Tveite ‏@killtveite 

Time to go to bed when the television starts telling you to buy prostate supplements.


Natalie Patricia ‏@nataliesurely 

Microsoft word keeps autocorrecting ‘improv’ to ‘improve,’ and yeah, I really wish it would.


Stavros Halkias @StavComedy

Book idea: the illiterate person’s guide to irony.


Michael J. Foody ‏@MichaelJFoody 

I am sick of these uptight divas who insist that I remove my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses when we make love. I don’t apologize for my style.


Brandon Fisher ‏@BrandOnBrandOut 

Don’t worry if your child has an imaginary friend. Worry when they have imaginary enemies, b/c that’s how conspiracy theorists are born.


Kasaun Wilson ‏@MrKasaunWilson 

S/O to the guy on the train selling the movie “41” The Jackie Robinson Story Prequel.


Tyler Richardson ‏@Ty1erRichardson 

All I ask is you wake me up before you go-go.


Dana Fleitman ‏@Dfleit 

Why is there no “take a liberal arts major to work day”? It would be helpful.


abe barth ‏@abe_barth 

Difference between rock & roll and sports: using drugs that enhance performance gets you into one hall of fame but rejected from the other.


Chels Shorte ‏@ChikaChels 

I’m trying to get to Deep Creep levels on FB. I’ll like your friend’s friend’s friend’s status.