You Limey Basterds

You Limey Basterds


Lot’s of zombie credit has to go to our UK friends. After all, Shaun of the Dead brought a comedic twist to the genre and may well have launched it into the public consciousness (sorry, The Walking Dead, you stand on the shoulders of fart jokes).

But now they’ve gone too far, with “Deadinburgh” a full-city, live, zombie-apocalypse¬†simulation.¬†Actually, it takes place in Edinburgh, pronounced ‘Ed-in-bro’ I believe.¬†Irregardless, this abomination of necro-fascination is just one more step toward zombie un-preparedness.

We’re getting too comfortable with the oncoming plague, people. On the one hand, we face an unprecedented level of “dude, I’d kick that zombie ass” cockiness amongst the masses. On the other hand, we are veering dangerously close to a cute, Disney-fied zombie-coming-of-age-after-death story that will do irreparable harm.

Protect the children! One of the greatest threats in a zombie apocalypse is¬†sympathy. Survival depends on one’s ability to leave friends and family for dead–or even, cause said death–in a moments notice. How dare these Zombie-Bro-Hoes put us on the slippery slope to losing a generation of children to giving a shit about dead flesh.