Facebuzzed Vol. 13 – Cupcake Vineyards

Facebuzzed Vol. 13 – Cupcake Vineyards

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Cupcake Vineyards. Named for a popular confection, this winemaker kicked off 2013 by shooting itself in its own diabetic foot:

cupcake - quit drinkingII

Unless that’s grape juice you’re peddling this one applies to you guys, too.

They obviously don’t want you to quit drinking, especially when they start promoting products like this:

cupcake - franz bag

Let’s see…wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Good. The cop will need those when he pulls you over.

Also I think we can agree this bag was only meant for a box of Franzia. The spigot would line up perfectly with the hole.

You call it creative alcoholism. I call it logic.

You call it creative alcoholism. I call it logic.


Valentine’s Day came about a week later and Cupcake tried to capitalize by giving us some rather sexist V-day cards:

cupcake - valentines



If Cupcake was around when she was, she would have been a raging alcoholic.


Finally, Cupcake tried to ring in the holiday season by alienating the core of its fanbase (except for a particular fan):

Cedrina, you're my new best friend

Cedrina, you’re my new best friend.