Facebuzzed Vol. 11 – Carlo Rossi

Facebuzzed Vol. 11 – Carlo Rossi

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Carlo Rossi whose main gig is selling plentiful cheap wine but whose ulterior motive is to get America’s frugal winos to start regional jug bands.

That depends. Which one provides the richest bass sounds?

That depends. Which one provides the richest bass sounds?

Carlo Rossi is proud to boast its enormous size and flavor at all times. Especially during Christmas time. It was promoted strongly as the perfect holiday gift:

No you were right the first time, alchy.

(By the way there IS such a thing as pocket-sized alcohol. *cough* Sutter Home *cough*)



Whoever is giving you socks as a gift gave up on your friendship years ago. That or the gift-giver needs to get her or his ass kicked. Although…one could make the argument that you actually NEED socks, whereas you don’t need a jug of wine that can double as your office water cooler.

Carlo Rossi also knows that an apartment full of empty wine jugs looks super sad, so they gave you some suggestions for reuse. One was a questionably stable chandelier. Others were more standard, such as guessing how much of something was in a jug.

Though they could have gone with a better choice for the contents:

cr-candy corn one

= something I will never touch. Because there is candy corn inside.

Thanks a lot Carlo Rossi for picking what is hands down the nastiest candy. You could‚Äôve unwrapped hundreds of rolls of Smarties, Sweet Tarts…hell I would have even taken a jug of Runts before I ate a jar of candy corn. Do¬†you¬†know what Runts taste like? Of course you don‚Äôt.¬†No one does.¬†But I don‚Äôt have to know you personally to know you would pick them over candy corn.

I should try to give them credit. They did try to stuff something delicious in there before. But I question the practicality:

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 4.27.36 PM


So I guess we’re just throwing the jug away now?