Zomblog 6: The Endening

Zomblog 6: The Endening

Another season of the Walking Dead comes to a close and there’s some things to be thankful for… no more than Andrea’s death. An¬†atrociously annoying character who would’ve survived if she’d made 1 of about 100 easy choices; her exodus paves the way for this author’s favorite character, Michonne to become a larger figure in the show.

Michonne from Walking Dead ready to go with zombies in tow

The words “I love you” come to mind.

If I’m a writer, Michonne, Daryl, and Rick are the only untouchables. Aside from being the most consistently compelling characters, they’re also the baddest-ass and most believable to survive anything.

Still the best (only) zombie show on television, the Walking Dead has some flaws and I hope they iron them out. In the meantime, haters can shut their face or risk getting it cut off.

I’m off to stalk the actress playing Michonne now…