Why a Dick Joke?

Why a Dick Joke?

Is it hack? I say no!!! I enjoy talking about my dick, he’s so special. My dick! Comedy is male dominated so it has a lot of dicks! The first thing we discover as baby boys. Our dicks!

We grab it and find that enjoyable feeling that we enjoy for the better part of our lives.¬†It’s when we first discover our thumbs. Who remembers that first time as lil boys when we were just tall enough to use the urinal for the first time!?!? (This was pre the handicap ones that are lower now) You were¬†so excited, “look daddy I’m peeing like a big boy! Standing there with your pants around your ankles and your lil dick on the bottom of the urinal pissing on a piece of gum you just spit next to the urinal cake; proud! Your daddy yelling, “boy that thing is dirty!” “Don’t put your dick on there!”

Now we send pictures of it to our loved ones. I even lotion mine. Yes, It does get ashy as well and it helps with elasticity. The better you take care of your dick, the better he’ll take care of you. You put lotion on your hands, do why not your dick!

Size does matter! I measure my dick in centimeters. That’s just me. Why not the metric system is better anyway. Have you ever seen a man walk with his head held high, like he doesn’t have a care in the world. One foot in front of the other with perfect balance and just the right amount of swag. That man is really not that good looking, but it seems that all the ladies notice him. “Gurl look at him!” “He’s so sexy!” That guy is not easy on the eyes, but his dick is huge! A Magnum man is a-walking!

So why wouldn’t we want brag, tell jokes, and pull it out in front of everyone and yell: “look at my dick!” Insert dick joke in set. “My dick is so big…” doesn’t get as many laughs as, “my dick is so small… Most of us lie about the size of our dicks on stage anyway. But remember, big dicks¬†have¬†attitude and¬†mean business! I really enjoy a good dick joke… Because I can relate.

-Elton E. Howard Jr


  • Val says:

    Hahaha! I’m a girl and I love the insight on how men feel about their “Prized Possession”. Tell me more Mr. Howard.

  • Elton Howard says:

    How much more would you like to know Val?

  • James D says:

    Val I offer free tutorials at my school of hard knocks….. just sayin…