T.W.I.T. (This Week In Tweets)

T.W.I.T. (This Week In Tweets)

Mar 18 – 24, here are some of the best tweets from LYGO Alum:

Pat Riley ‏@PatRileyComedy 

Bill Cosby ruined sweaters and sitting on the couch and making weird faces for all black people


Matty Litwack ‏@ClassyBastard 

Pandora needs a separate button labeled “DON’T YOU EVER FUCKING PLAY GOO-GOO DOLLS AGAIN”.


M. K. Paulsen ‏@mkpaulsen 

In Africa they call March Madness “Diphtheria”.


Tyler Richardson ‏@Ty1erRichardson 

Springtime; when all the feet reappear. Jaaaam!


Russ Green ‏@russ_jokes 

In movies, when one removes a handkerchief from their breast pocket, blows their nose in it and places it back in the coat..why is this ok?


Simone Shif ‏@leftistpanda 

I just completed a four hour online course on time management.


Kat Timpf ‏@kctimpf 

Ugh Chipotle why are you not open for our 9:30am burrito needs?


abe barth ‏@abe_barth 

I switched to non-irritating mouthwash and no longer sound like Gilbert Gottfried


David Tveite ‏@killtveite 

I’ve got so much love to give, but no one seems to want a weird, pointy hug.


it would be a real bummer to read the missed connections section on Schindler’s List