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Abe Barth

Abe Barth

Abe Barth-01 COriginally from Delaware, Abe Barth’s comedy is smart, unique, and twisted. Abe cut his teeth in Boston and is now a regular on the DC scene.

He was named a finalist in the Funniest Federal Employee competition and a Semi-Finalist at the 2011 Boston Comedy Festival.

Surprisingly, he was a late-comer to Twitter, @Abe_Barth is now regularly featured on our weekly best of, “TWIT,” with lines like:

“i hate the polish” – OK when looking at fingertips, not OK when looking at people'”

“the best thing about headphones is not having to say “god bless you”

Performer at DC Comedy’s second Laugh Your Grits Off (LYGO) show, Abe’s return on April 24, 2013 is alongside Jesse Thomas and Sara Armour.