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C.J. Kirkwood

C.J. Kirkwood

CJ Kirkwood-01CJ Kirkwood is a comedian that is still waiting for his glass to be half full. This sweet mid-western boy turned bitter east coast adult offers a high energy personal look at himself and his surroundings. CJ performs at a number of different comedy rooms all over the DMV.

He is a winner of Magooby’s new talent night which afforded him the opportunity to perform with Jim Florentine (The Opie & Anthony Show,
Crank Yankers). In five years from now when you stumble across this page doing research on this ultra-successful comedian, you’ll be
surprised at how little he had to say about himself… But since you’re from the future you already know how controversial he is now!

CJ also co-hosts the hilarious and insanely popular Comedic Intent Podcast which features a number of other LYGO performers and is
available weekly on iTunes. He also spits hot fire on Twitter, follow him @MyNameIsCorky (Yes that is his real name. What a loser).

Corky takes DC Comedy’s LYGO DC stage for the first time at Codmother on March 20, 2013.