Facebuzzed Vol. 8 – TY KU

Facebuzzed Vol. 8 – TY KU

This week on Facebuzzed we tackle TY KU, a sake that’s primarily plugged¬†by famed “F*ck You” singer, Cee Lo Green.

ty ku photo caption

Green: You know damn well my arms are too short to reach this.


After perusing their page it seems that TY KU is hell bent on destroying our innocence one cartoon/video game at a time. One of their targets was a familiar quartet:

ty ku tmnt


My first guess is that Master Splinter would whoop some ass after seeing his underage adoptive¬†sons drinking. But since he is like a father figure maybe he’d be that weird, enabling parent?

ty ku master splinter II


The next was¬†Street Fighter and one TY KU fan wasn’t drunk enough off of sake to eff up a game of “One of these things is not like the other”

ty ku street fighter


They eventually moved away from pairing your childhood favorites with rice wine. Were you ever unsure how to spend your work week after hours? Well TY KU knew exactly what was in store for you with this trusty chart:

ty-ku weekday chart


I get what they were trying to do here but the chart tells a different story.

This chart implies you are, at the bare minimum, drinking beer daily. ¬†By Wednesday¬†you’re so sloshed and unresponsive to friends¬†that you just start¬†balancing shit on your glass like chopsticks (Sidenote: It’s worth noting that these will be chopsticks you drunkenly found on the ground before you walked in the bar and not at an actual noodle restaurant).

Thursday is obviously for pounding your fist into the bar with disgust at your life.

Friday happy hour arrives and, in an attempt to avoid conversations with others, you try to balance shit again. Only this time everything falls into your drink and you cry. Hard.

But for those of us who aren’t as sad as the story I just laid out, we may¬†just be uncoordinated when it comes to sake bombs. I haven’t done¬†many in my lifetime but they usually go something like this:

ty-ku weekday chart II