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Damo Hicks

Damo Hicks

Damo Hicks-01Don’t let the hat and tattoos fool you! Damo Hicks is not your ordinary “what you see is what you get” type comic.

Always a crowd favorite, Damo is not afraid to go places other comedians won’t. His inappropriate thoughts and unapologetic in-your-face comedy style, layered with a charismatic playfully sarcastic delivery, leaves audiences looking at each other saying “He’s so wrong, but I was thinking the same exact thing.”

Damo Hicks’ path down the comedy yellow brick road began in 2003 in his native Washington, DC area, when he attended a comedy workshop by the Fabulous Fat Doctor. Under Doc’s tutelage, Damo went from being just a funny guy to a comedic phenomenon.

Since then, he has performed at some of the best clubs all over the country opening for such acts as Tony Rock and Robert Kelly. When he¬†isn’t¬†on the road performing, he is busy working on his craft, tinkering new material on stages in NYC and DC.

Damo Hicks is a YouTube favorite with his series of sketches entitled “Drinking With Damo” and “Hicks and Fuller I.C.S.I”

March 20, 2013 at the Codmother marks Damo’s debut with DC Comedy’s LYGO DC.