Facebuzzed Vol. 7 – Sapporo

Facebuzzed Vol. 7 – Sapporo

This week on Facebuzzed we highlight Sapporo where I saw probably one of their most ridiculous posts just a few days ago:

dragon chopsticks


See how there are zero likes on this? It’s not because it’s corny as hell and vaguely racist. It’s because dragons are the last creatures on Earth that need more weaponry¬†outside of the fire they breath from their mouths. They don’t need flaming wooden spears to throw at me too. I don’t care how small they are.

dragon pic

It’s not enough for you that you can heat ramen without a microwave.


Late last year Sapporo showed that a six-pack can take the edge off of the annual family Thanksgiving dinner:

sapporo t-giving

Less awkward? Sure. More hunger-filled and a lot more “farty”? Definitely.¬†All I see on this table is beer and beans.

And I have a feeling the guy in the bottom right corner will be a prominent contributor to post-dinner flatulence (though the woman on the bottom left is a strong contender for the silent but deadly). I will assume there are zero children in this family to report back to their teachers on Monday about the booze feast they had.

I think we should take this a step further and say that maybe no Sapporo drinkers like the ones above should even be having children to begin with:

sapporo poll

I can think of seventeen people who shouldn’t be babysitting either.