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Branching Out

Branching Out

Branching out as a comedian can be a venture that promotes a ton of risk along with a ton of reward. I recently pitched an idea to my friend, that owns his own animation company, to produce an animation about the interactions of the Harbaugh family after the Superbowl. I wrote a script and my imagination came to life.

As a comedian, I wanted this script to be funny and clean to appeal to the mass football fans and not just a comedian niche. Going into the project I was very excited until I started thinking about the possibilities that this could suck (like everything else I do).

The animation itself has broken 8k views on Youtube and is steadily growing which I have to give credit to Rich and the LYGO community.

I believe that branching out of our comfort zones every now and then is one of the most important things to do for a comic career. I never wrote a script before and for people that don’t know me, I don’t write my jokes down anywhere. Plus, I enjoy pushing boundaries with my jokes and creating a clean comedy animation was a challenge.

I am going to call 8k a success and I do know that is not a “success” on viral standards, but 8k people have seen my comedy and that is killer even if it is in the form of an animation. Branching out has enabled me to be brought on board with my friends animation company to produce more animations in the future and that makes me so stoked.

From LYGO DC: Congrats RJ and we agree, that’s a success! ¬†Keep it coming.