Facebuzzed Vol. 6 – Coors

Facebuzzed Vol. 6 – Coors

This week on Facebuzzed we visit Coors. As a beer drinker you have two options when it comes to Coors: the banquet beer and the more heavily advertised Coors Light.

The banquet beer side of Coors gave us some tips on how to properly enjoy their brew during the Superbowl:

coors banquet
I hope that person is ready to pee for the¬†entire game because you¬†don’t EVER break the seal that early in the party.

Also I’m pretty sure Step 3 is just “Find a tray of pork chops” but either way, this chart should be edited accordingly:


coors banquet II

Or maybe it’s just me who has a bladder the size of a walnut…


The U.K. Coors Light Facebook fan page is pretty much the same as the U.S. one. But there are some minor differences. There are subtle things, such as the fact they¬†spell the word “favorite” with a “u.” Then there’s the fact that the U.S. symbol for Coors Light is a speeding bullet train hurling beer cans at people, and the U.K.’s is¬†Jean Claude Van Damme–in a jean vest.


I’ll let you make an Expendables 4 if you promise to never wear denim above the waist again.


Coors Light U.K. was all about building an online community of drinkers. One method was to encourage Coors fans to share their favorite moments of when they nearly froze their asses off:

daniel coors

They said “hilarious” Daniel, not suicidal.


Prior to that Coors Light asked where the best place is to swill their product:

coors light uk poll


A mountain lodge¬†seemed to be the winner, but I think the poll participants downed a few¬†too many cans when they picked the second best place.¬†If you’ve seen an eagle you would know not to get in its grill.

eagle meme II

It’s his can now.