T.W.I.T. This Week in Tweets

T.W.I.T. This Week in Tweets

David Carter ‚Äè@_DavidCarter_

Jennifer Lawrence’s fall is the Marco Rubio thirsty moment for liberals. How embarrassing. #Oscars


David Tveite ‚Äè@killtveite

Watching actors try to be funny makes me feel a lot better about my standup career. #oscars


Tyler Richardson ‚Äè@Ty1erRichardson

Daniel Day-Lewis was born 40. With the Devil’s promise that he would never age.


Natalie Shure ‚Äè@natalieshure

Sunday morning ritual: get embarrassed about the grammar in Saturday’s sexts


M. K. Paulsen ‚Äè@mkpaulsen

Had an awesome time last night! Shout out to #internetporn #pizza and #tv for the best night ever!


Matty Litwack ‚Äè@ClassyBastard

It would be awesome if Eagle-Eye Cherry had a brother named Songbird Cherry, who was really good at archery.


Mariya Alexander ‚Äè@MariyaAlexander

A JC Penney commercial just used the word swagger to describe a discounted polo shirt. God save us all.


Rich Bennett ‚Äè@HowTallAreYou

I gave up sex for lent in 2006. Aaaaand, it took.


Will Hessler ‚Äè@willhessler

@goldencorral: Where else can you get this much steak and shrimp, all you can eat for an amazingly low price?” The derailed train by harbor


abe barth ‚Äè@abe_barth

in florida, women feel pressured to get hip implants