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Codmother (Former)

Codmother (Former)

CodmotherLocated in the heart of the vaunted U Street corridor, Codmother is a relative newcomer to the scene. Previously Cafe Nema, 1334 U St. NW is a location long known for hosting fantastic performances.

Whereas jazz music once ruled the day, now stand-up comics improvise crowd interaction and deliver sets both refined and vulgar to the delight of one audience after another.

Tolga Erbatur, chef/partner, graciously provided LYGO DC an opportunity to host its first evening show here, every Wednesday, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., starting back in November 2012. Now going stronger than ever, LYGO has proven itself worthy of the opportunity and is proud to continue to introduce its audiences to some of the best fish and chips and PBR in town!

Speaking of fish and chips, the first chippie opened over 140 years ago, and with around 11,000 fish and chip shops now open across the country, the chippie is one of Britain’s national treasures. The Codmother is DC’s very own.

The iconic British chip story begins with … the north and south of England divided on who owns the rightful accolade. The south claims it was Joseph Malin, who opened a fish and chip shop in Cleveland Street, London in 1860. But the north is having none of it, firmly supporting Mr Lees, from Oldham, Lancashire, who first served fish and chips from a wooden hut in the local market later moving to a shop which advertised itself as the first fish and chip shop in 1863.

The Codmother wall lighting.

Although the Brits invented the chippie, it was in fact the French who invented the chip- the first ‘pomme frites’ were served in the eighteenth century!

The Codmother is Washingtonian’s true heir to the Chippie tradition, serving traditional British food with a few modern touches such as a wide selection of beers and whiskeys. You can think of it as an artisanal junk food heaven.