Facebuzzed Vol. 5 – Smirnoff Vodka

Facebuzzed Vol. 5 – Smirnoff Vodka

This week on Facebuzzed we take a look at Smirnoff. It’s one of the most popular¬†liquor brands out there and, rightfully so, they’re a little full of themselves:

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That is tough. Living to see another day on God’s green Earth OR¬†being all out of “problem solving juice.”¬†It depends on how many more problems you now have to solve after finishing an entire bottle.

Smirnoff kicked off 2013 by giving you some of their suggestions for party¬†tips and New Year’s resolutions to follow.¬†I’ve always been of the mindset that a resolution should be about learning¬†something new or maybe cutting back on a bad habit. So I was a little taken¬†aback when this was their #1:

Cue the Chris Rock "I take care of my kids" joke.

Cue the Chris Rock “I take care of my kids” joke.

As far as party tips go, the arrogance made it way back into the mix:

No it's not. Give me my money, bitch.

No it’s not. Give me my money, bitch.
Unless you’re paying me in Guinness.

While their #1 New Year’s resolution is a bit outrageous, Smirnoff did try to do a good job about spreading the message of designating a sober driver every¬†chance they got. Every holiday was an opportunity to spread their message such¬†as the one below:

drunk driver hween1

Well it IS Halloween. We could get a little deeper than that:

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