T.W.I.T. (This week in Tweets)

T.W.I.T. (This week in Tweets)

LYGO‚Äôs weekly twitter best-of — Grammy’s, Pope’s, Dorners, Meteors, Valentine’s Day, S.O.T.U., what a great week to tweet!


Natalie Shure ‚Äè@natalieshure

If that meteor knew it’s history, it would know better than to attack Russia in Winter


Jamel Johnson ‚Äè@NonProfitComic

Yo them Grammy niggas ain’t stupid. Lets keep Katy Perry’s tits up on the glass and let’s get this sweeps week money


David Tveite ‚Äè@killtveite

Somewhere on the internet, a young white man is furious that he just now thought of the best Manti Te’o joke.


Mariya Alexander ‚Äè@MariyaAlexander

Valentine’s Day card idea: I know you’re afraid of commitment and intimacy, but don’t worry- I just need someone to exchange emoticons with.


Tyler Richardson ‚Äè@Ty1erRichardson

And now, for a game of Is It My Penis?


Sara Armour ‚Äè@SaraArmour

Feeling pretty sad that at this point no matter what I do, I’ll never be referred to as a “young A-lister” in US Weekly.


Natalie ‚Äè@littlenightowl

Somewhere Robin Thicke is sitting in a chair stroking a white cat while watching Justin Timberlake thinking “Oh it’s on. It’s on” #grammys


©Mjölnir ‏@EnglishmanChris

Guys – You know when you start unzipping your pants on the way to the bathroom, but you underestimate the distance to the bathroom.


David Carter ‚Äè@_DavidCarter_

#ValentinesDay is the same as Thanksgiving. They both involve stuffing with someone you don’t love


Matty Litwack ‚Äè@ClassyBastard

There’s been a rash of elevator sex in my building, and now I’m terrified that Aerosmith songs are coming to life.