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Bohemian Caverns (Former)

Bohemian Caverns (Former)

LYGO - 2012-09-09 - Flyer 01The inimitable Bohemian Caverns. Known as the preeminent jazz club in one of the nation’s most vaunted jazz corridors, LYGO DC was honored to call it home for one Sunday afternoon.

In its initial incarnation, the Caverns quickly became a hot spot for the vibrant African- American arts scene of the times and showcased the top performers of the era, including Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway. The Caverns also became known for its late night jam sessions (a jazz tradition that Brown has revived at the Caverns), which during prohibition included access to hidden stashes of liquor served discretely alongside a menu of southern staple foods.

But the Caverns are no stranger to comedy, Bill Cosby, among others, having performed there before heading down to Ben’s Chili Bowl to satisfy his famous taste for half-smokes.

For more about the history, head here.

We can boast having brought Tony Woods, Komplex, Nate Johnson, Mariya Alexander, and Jon Eick into the pantheon of fantastic performers to have graced the B.C. stage.

Keep an eye out for our return. But until then, we highly recommend heading through any night of the week for a great time — including Wednesday Verses open mic for poetry, soul, music, and jokes.