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In the Press: Review by The SNS Nightlife

In the Press: Review by The SNS Nightlife

On Ferbruary 6, 2013 we held our weekly, Wednesday-evening comedy show at Codmother and invited members of the press to attend and let folks know what they thought. ¬†Among those in attendance was Sara McLeod of The SNS Nightlife, who cover D.C. artists with a focus on funk, go-go, hip-hop and reggae.¬† Below are excerpts from the full article they published — check the full article out here:

Don’t feel like working out? Hate the thought of getting hit on? Maybe you’re not much of a drinker. The comedy troupe, L.Y.G.O (Laughing Your Grits Off), is like a hidden jewel among the strip’s vast treasure trove.

I joined their Wednesday evening audience on February 6, 2013 at the British-themed pub, Codmother, at 1334 U Street N.W. […] I was pleasantly surprised to see the show preceded by a beautiful rendition of India Arie‚Äôs ‚ÄúBecause I Am A Queen‚Äù delivered by rising star, Nazhoni [….]

Sara Armour was the evening’s host.

Her bubbly, self-effacing personality kept me on the edge of my seat every time she took the stage because you never can quite guess what she‚Äôs going to say next. […]

Sara introduced M.K. Paulsen as the first act after her opener. M.K. is the self-proclaimed ‚Äúthought leader on dick jokes.‚Äù Let‚Äôs face reality. Comedy is not for the sensitive or uptight and by the time M.K. was done I stopped feeling guilty about downing cranberry vodkas under a framed pro-prohibition photograph nailed above my table. […]

Next up was Mariya Alexander. […] Clearly a seasoned professional, Mariya can talk without breaks and every sentence leads effortlessly into another joke on a totally different subject. […]

L.Y.G.O. promises a full show giving patrons their money’s worth with three main acts before the headliner. Every act seemed to be more experienced than the next. Third up was Tyler Richardson. If you are native to the D.C. area, you may appreciate his comedy the most.

Tyler‚Äôs face is half-way smiling through his entire set and listening to the inner workings of his mind made my stomach hurt especially when he took us down the journey of being lost on the D.C. metro system under the influence of marijuana. […]

Tyler was followed up by the headlining act for the evening, Mr. Doug Powell. With a 10-year history of working all over the country […] He even has an album/DVD titled ‚ÄúI Am You An Hour from Now.‚Äù There is nothing like a live performance though.

Now I know Doug was speaking to an audience full of people but I felt like he was just talking to me. That’s how personal his communication style is like he’s talking to his best friend. Doug knows his best friend smokes weed too. His best friend is around the same age as he is. His best friend can relate to the difficulty in steering your kids away from drugs and trying to get them to value a school system that you yourself take issue with. You don’t just laugh with Doug. You empathize with him because although you never told anybody, you went through these same things just last week. When listening to Doug Powell, you will laugh regardless of race, sexual orientation, or upbringing because he touches on life experiences we all go through as human beings, especially those of the “not-afraid-to-experiment-with-life” variety.

[…] [LYGO DC] offers a full line up of professional comedians who appeal to a diverse audience. Shows feature both live music and intermission lead-in music from DJ Kyotey Grey of the Reluctant Yuppies. Tickets are only $10 for two hours of solid entertainment.

We are glad The SNS Nightlife enjoyed our show and think you will too.


Cheers all,