T.W.I.T. (This Week in Tweets)

T.W.I.T. (This Week in Tweets)

Matty Litwack ‚Äè@ClassyBastard

“Super Bowl blackout due to electrical device.” No shit, ESPN. In other news: a house burned down due to fire device.


Tyler Richardson ‚Äè@Ty1erRichardson

You ever just wanted to pet an animal to get a hold of it and see how it tastes? #FatGuyProblems


©Mjölnir ‏@EnglishmanChris

Yes Boy George, I DO really want to hurt you.


haywood turnipseed ‚Äè@woodyseed

#lesserfilms No Pulp Fiction


Matty Litwack ‚Äè@ClassyBastard

I challenge anyone to try and defeat me at Scramble with Friends. If you win, you can marry my daughter/prove to me that you’re Odysseus.


Natalie Shure ‚Äè@natalieshure

ATTENTION LADIES stop sexually Catfishing me by bringing your hot gay friends to parties


Mariya Alexander ‚Äè@MariyaAlexander

If you’re my real friend, you breathe a sigh of relief when I cancel plans last minute because leaving the house is an ordeal for you too.


Tyler Richardson ‚Äè@Ty1erRichardson

An Asian woman with a Spanish accent; what will they think of next?


Drey Mysterio Jr. ‚Äè@daileydr

I have the sneaking suspicion that @WilliamShatner will live forever.


Jamel Johnson ‚Äè@NonProfitComic

#UnderratedByWhites House Party 2