Petey Sugg-01“Sugglife” is a DC-bred comic that has performed all over DC, MD, and VA in 2012 and 2013. He is a rapper — now and formerly — that finds telling the punchlines he learned as a lyricist much easier in a stand-up format, as he doesn’t have to make them rhyme.

He is outrageous, offensive, and hilarious, but with his self-coined brand of “chemo comedy”, even if he doesn’t make you laugh, he will at least challenge your outlook on life with the pain he delivers.

You can find out more about him @SugglifeDC on Twitter and Sugglife on Facebook.

SuggLife has co-produced shows with DC Comedy’s LYGO as well as performed. He’ll appears semi-regularly, with performances on March 6 and March 27, 2013.