Facebuzzed Vol. 3 – Keystone Light

Facebuzzed Vol. 3 – Keystone Light

This week on Facebuzzed we visit the Facebook page for Keystone Light. As far as cheap beer goes, Keystone spares no expense in Internet ad campaigns and continues to spend zero on taste. Trust me when I say this was not the beer you wanted in the center of a “Circle of Death” card game.

As a result, Keystone didn’t make the rounds on the beer pong circuit that much when I was in college, which is a sign of very discriminating tastes considering the ping pong balls we used to play just rolled around in…

what you ingested during beer pong

But I digress…

Keystone is always looking for new guzzlers. Most of its Facebook page is dominated by video ads by mascot Keith Stone.

Cover your drinks ladies

Cover your drinks ladies


But they do have the occasional question/threat/observation posed to their loyal fan base:

Fullscreen capture 242013 113805 PM


(And if you thought I was going to list any other choice then you clearly have never had a Keystone Light)


Fullscreen capture 242013 114154 PM-001

No. God forbid we put anything in there that might enhance the taste of a Keystone Light.


Fullscreen capture 242013 112820 PM

Absolutely nothing to do with beer but for once I’m in agreement.

Finally I saw this one:

Fullscreen capture 242013 111046 PM


So they want the bathroom attendant to become a bartender on top of serving us refreshments?

Granted a run-in with a bathroom attendant can be an awkward encounter, but degrade them further by doing this and you’re practically begging them to serve you a can of piss.

Think about it. They’ll always be closer¬†to the toilet water than you will be.