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The Best of DC, Featuring Comedic Intent

The Best of DC, Featuring Comedic Intent

If you’re a blog fan and/or a podcast fan and want to check out the full roster of what the DMV has to offer, look no further. ¬†We’ve compiled everything in a single feed so you don’t have to.

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This week we feature the duo known as Comedic Intent, C.J. Kirkwood and Brandon Fisher, of both podcast and blog. We’ve patched together the separate conversations below for your entertainment:
Comedic Intent logoComedic Intent – great podcast or greatest podcast?

C.J.:¬†Just great …. I’m try my hardest to be modest haha

Brandon:¬†Most people would say, “A Podcast, Great.”

At what point do you expect to have to tell your longtime partner-in-arms C.J. Kirkwood ¬†/ Brandon Fisher that he’s dragging you down?

C.J.: The good thing about the show is that we are really different. But, do share a lot of the same views.

Brandon:¬†Ha. We keep each other down. It’s like reverse rehab. Or hab, if you will.

Nice. Any favorite guests?

C.J.: Jamel is always great. David Blechman is great on it. Sarah Armour was great. Reggie and Ahmed were good. Jessie Thomas was a good one. Some fool named Rich Bennett.

Brandon: Clearly, Rich Bennett from Episode 77, now available on iTunes. We’ve been really lucky – everyone’s been great so far. We’ve had on around 50 of the area’s best comics on and I’ve been funnier than all of them.

C.J., you son-of-a-bitch…. Complete this thought, “Racism is to fun-times as Comedic Intent is to …”

C.J.:¬†A family Sunday dinner… It’s gonna get weird and cross some lines at some point but … Whattaya gonna do? It’s your family.

Brandon, finally, someone answers that question correctly.¬†Complete this thought, “Misogyny is to dance-party as Comedic Intent is to …”

Brandon: The WNBA.

Hahahaha –¬†Any dream or “get” guests you like to talk to?

Brandon:¬†There are still a lot of DMV comics we have on the “to-get” list. My ultimate “get”, in the fantasy world where I could meet anyone, would be Chris Elliott. He is just the best, ever.

C.J.: Patrice O’Neill’s reanimated corpse. …¬†Or, Bill Burr.

Brandon, you have a serious music background. Hit me with something music… Because every question I’m thinking right now is cliche to ask.

Brandon:¬†If anything, music is cliche. There have been many studies recently proving that modern music is getting more bland, repetitious and predictable over the years. Everyone knows music peaked in 1986 when Nu Shooz dropped “I Can’t Wait”.

Anything else you’d like to say that I wasn’t smart enough to ask about?

Brandon: Yes. We are available for hire for your; quinceañera, divorce party or gambling anonymous meeting. You can find us on iTunes, at, on our Facebook page or hanging around out front of the Home Depot hoping a booker will pick us up and pay for us to do comedy.

C.J.:¬†Hmmm…. My comedy is the last slice of pizza everyone wants… But will give you major heartburn.

With lines like that, I’m fairly certain you’re single… unless, any women locked in your basement?

C.J.:¬†My place is full of women… And a third of them are there willingly!

Thanks fellas.


  • jon_yeager says:

    Great podcast!