Facebuzzed Vol. 2 – Sutter Home

Facebuzzed Vol. 2 – Sutter Home

This week on Facebuzzed we’re highlighting Sutter Home wines where apparently its biggest consumers¬†drink wine on every day except Tuesday:

monday sh


wednesday sh


thursday sh


friday sh

saturday sh



Finally we make it to Sunday, which apparently marked the celebration of a holiday I had never heard of and has nothing to counter it like a “Men’s Friendship Day” or the more accurate “Passive Aggressive Comments About Your Life Choices” week:

sunday sh


Most of the people on the site were happy to oblige and listed their best friends’ names. Then there were people like Susan:

susan sh

Can someone give Susan *A* friend? It doesn’t even have to be a woman.

To break up all the monotony of near-daily drinking, Sutter Home decided to make drinking even more fun around the holidays with a free promotional item of mistletoe. Kinda:


pocket mistletoe

It says a few things about you if you actually printed this out: (1) You were looking for a way to class up your usual holiday party whoring (2) Your friends trust you enough to use scissors even after you drink. Good for you. Keep those friends around (3) You have a color printer with ink. Please let me come over and use it. I’ll give you ink money.

But despite starting the night out with good intentions, this is probably how it turned out:


pocket mistletoe sutter home




  • Marie says:

    Where can I find bubbly Moscato