The Best of DC, Featuring ALW & HPF

The Best of DC, Featuring ALW & HPF

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This week we feature David Coulter of the duo known as Asif & David, hosts of Hollywood Pitch Funtime & About Last Week podcasts:

Tell us something you enjoy about the other half of ALW and HPF, Asif “NotTerrible“.

He’s one of the smartest, funniest guys I know. He’s also probably the closest thing I have to a moral center, in terms of the podcast at least.

Any strangest recording moments with Asif come to mind?

Hmmm. Need to think about that.
Honestly, it’s usually pretty normal outside of weird ideas. I’ve mostly gotten used to the fact that he doesn’t like to wear pants when we don’t have guests.

Your show Hollywood Pitch Funtime is sponsored by Fumiko Corp. ¬†Are they offering¬†sponsorship¬†to others in the comedy community? If not, how’d you guys get picked?

It’s very exclusive. Honestly, we’re not even sure how we got sponsored. I just started getting these weird products in the mail one day.

So you don’t get paid? It’s starting to sound like you are glorified product-testers with microphones.

We’d probably renegotiate terms if we knew how we got the terms in the first place.

Let us know. Changing gears — any favorite guests?

It’s usually fun to have folks on that we naturally have a lot in common with, but everyone is fun in their own ways. Off the top of my head, Milner was a lot of fun. David Tviete. Ryan Schutt. I’d mention Max Rosenblum, but he’s full of himself enough already.

Ahem… any tallest guests?


Thank you.

Oh, and we had a fucking blast with Stephen Nicks and Chase Jeter. That was probably the best group dynamic we’ve ever had.

Noted. What’s the future for Slantmouth?

No idea. We should probably do something about that. Get more podcasts signed on. Manage it, etc. Long story short: Stuff.

There’s lots of podcasting going on. You folks have achieved a very professional sound. Do you advise others to try or to avoid podcasting? If the former, any advice?

Yes. Copy our setup. Seriously.

We use MXL 990 Microphones, a Behringer Xenyx 1204USB 12-Channel USB Mixer, MXL WS-002 foam windscreens. Standard boom mic stands.¬†All in all, a bit expensive, but we think the quality is worth it. [Also,]¬†Macbook Pro with Garageband, but that doesn’t really matter in terms of sound quality.

Is there anything else you’re interested in folks knowing about you and Asif?

Asif and I have known each other for something like 8 or 9 years. I guess that’s kind of interesting. We have a shorthand. I could probably talk to him like we do on the podcast for days.

Wait, who’s hand do you have?

Martin Short’s.

Was he sent by Fumiko Corp.?

His hand was. A small lesson not to cross Grandma Fumiko Corp.
Worth noting, Martin Short’s hand is actually the product next week.

I suppose that explains the downturn in his career. And the lack of clapping.

He lost it and fell into being Jiminy Glick full time.

Haha. Thanks man.