Burglar Falls Asleep During Job

Burglar Falls Asleep During Job

This post is titled after a “weird” news story that’s not particularly weird. ¬†Turns out, it happens frequently enough for the vaunted Chuck Shepherd’s News of the Weird to retire the headline.

It seems that no matter how insane or thrill-inducing the job, somebody’s bored with it to the point of¬†unconsciousness. ¬†Is this you and your work / career / job? ¬†Maybe it’s your life?

It was my life. ¬†I was asleep through my education years, particularly law school. I slept through dozens of relationships–some figuratively and some literally. For a while, an honest name for work would’ve been “nap time”. ¬†I once overslept my Grandmother’s funeral. ¬†Once. ¬†I’m 50/50 with grandmother funerals.

Turned out, I had some major sleep issues. Fast forward: I wear one of those breathing mask things that basically stops me from choking in my sleep every minute or so. So now I breath when I sleep and it turns out that breathing allows for better sleep.

All this to say, I’m really excited to see the headline: “Burglar Falls Asleep During Job – Credits BiPap with Energy to Escape Police After Waking.”