The Chevy Corvette should be Banned

The Chevy Corvette should be Banned

I for one think sports cars should be banned, but lets just pick out a popular one that people have: The Corvette.

I think the Corvette should be banned because of its sleek design, its semi-automatic transmission, and the fact that it kills people. We should ban sports cars in America so everybody can enjoy a safer country in their 4-door sedans. I believe less mass accidents will be caused on the highway if there aren’t sport cars and the Corvette.

The funny thing is that a Corvette is actually a muscle car and is not a sports car. Why do we need to get from point A to point B at a faster rate in a more stylish fashion? Why do we need the felling that, ‘look at my bad-ass in this Corvette.’ “Hey neighbor, you have a Toyota Camry LOLOLOLOL I have a Corvette.”?

So why? Because, well, we can because of ¬†advancements in car technology over the last 60 years or so. We are proud Americans in our Corvettes. I don’t know, mabye the best solution would to just make cars crank up and that can only go 40 mph for a little bit before we have to crank it up again. I think that would be the best solution.

Disclaimer: the author is talking about Corvettes and Corvettes only. Any inferences or similarities you make to recent news is strictly your interpretation.



  • corvetteman says:

    Ya good luck with that corvettes RULE.

  • Elton Howard says:

    Sorry the Corvette is a sports cars, not a mucsle car. Further more the Vette is an american icon. The C7 coming soon to a dealer near you. (that’s the 7th generation Corvette for you none car people) It was the answer to the european sports car after WWII. I like to go from point A to point B as fast as I can, without getting caught. And that is pretty easy around the DMV. The posted speed limit means nothing here. Loud pipes, fancy wheels, and only two doors because I can, damnit! Lol! The Corvette will live forever, because the midlife crisis. FYi, sports barely make up 10% of the cars sold in this country each year, so most of the fast drivers causing the accidents are behind the wheel of sedans and Minivans. Banned Minivans!