Redskins Achieve the Impossible

Redskins Achieve the Impossible

Time Travel.

It’s been over a decade, close to 15 years since I allowed myself to get fully, emotionally committed¬†to the Redskins. For years, every time I even got mildly excited that excitement was quickly dashed. ¬†Not this year.

Only at the end–about 4th quarter of the final regular season game–did I finally give my heart over again. And as quickly as RGIII could scramble on September 6, my heart was torn asunder like an ACL. Just like 15 years ago, the ‘Skins lost and my life went rapidly to shit. I used to miss class… I missed a class. Seriously, I had a non-University class to attend and it completely went out of my mind.

I used to get mean and angry. I wanted to punch anyone I could reach and that’s most people. I insisted my roommate stay within shouting distance as I made my way home. I un-followed everyone on Twitter instead of physical violence. ¬†That’s about as satisfying as slamming a wicker door.

I used to drink heavily and abuse my liver… alright, that’s a gimme.

I used to be broke. Totally unrelated, it just so happens that I was without a dime for day of and day following the Redskins loss. ¬†I’m really glad I don’t have a 15 year old habit of giving blow jobs for crack.

It’s not worth rehashing and analyzing what actually transpired. It’s another year. Whatever you think is going to happen — your hopes and expectations — know this: It won’t happen. That’s not to say the ‘Skins won’t win or don’t have a promising team. No, it’s to say that their only real chance is in the vacuum of their fans’ hope. This is a franchise that seemingly thrives on not being paid attention to.

Or maybe it’s me. I don’t doubt that I’m the one with the problem here. I’m like the spouse of an abusive husband. I keep coming back. ¬†Women… I finally understand¬†something about women. ¬†This is what it is ladies? This is what it is! Holy shit, this was cathartic. Time to Google ‘RGIII recovery.’