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MK Paulsen

MK Paulsen

MK Paulsen is a co-producer and regular host of Gaylarous. MK has been performing stand-up and improv comedy in DC for several years, including appearances at the Riot Act Comedy Theatre, the DC Improv, and more. ¬†On February 6, 2013, he’s debuting at LYGO DC with a guest set at Codmother.

MK is the author of The Hilar and a self-proclaimed thought leader on dick jokes. ¬†Here’s a excerpt from a recent post:

Now I like to consider myself somewhat of a cultural linguist, and one of my goals with this blog will be to introduce the reader to new and unique phrases that, in my humble opinion, should enter the Mid-Atlantic, American-English vernacular. With that in mind, let me go ahead and introduce you to the next hot buzz expression and my new favorite phrase of all time: “Tits out for Jesus!”

Now before you go ahead and pooh-pooh this expression, I want you to give it a chance like you would a new Brittney Spears song or an exotic flavor of vodka. Just imagine all the wonderful ways you can use it. For example, let’s say you wanted to refer to that woman you knew growing up who had a Noah’s arc themed kitchen. You could very easily say, “She had such passion. She was TITS OUT FOR JESUS! (or at least the Old Testament!)”